Private Parties

Touch Dancing features US Champion Dancers that celebrate ballroom dancing whether in a dance class or as taxi dancers. Our dance shows are in exhibition form with colorfully costumed and expertly choreographed productions creating memorable events.


Full Package
Dance Class - Dance Show - Taxi Dancers *

Custom Packages are available


Dance Class - This service is a very popular way of entertaining guests at your event. Partners are not required. You can request male or female instructors, as well as couples. This decision should be based upon the type of party that you are hosting, as well as the type of people that will be attending.

Dance Show - This type of service works very well at cocktail parties for entertaining guests. It also works well with other types of parties.
Taxi Dancers - This is a very popular service that works well at all types of parties. Depending on your guest list, you may have 2 male dancers, 2 female dancers, a dance couple or any combination. Everyone loves to dance with a professional.

Call us to discover how we can personalize our services to make your party a success!

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