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Group Class Lessons: These lessons are designed to instruct  students the basics and variations of the different Dances. They have no dance levels and are independent of each other. Both the beginner and advanced student benefit by changing partners. The student learns Social Dancing in a real life learning environment. The Group begins with the basics of the different Dances (one Dance per group class), and then proceed with a variation. This method allows the student to learn the basics of the Dances while at the same time commences to learn all the different variations available and how it relates to the basic of that Dance. Our "inter-related system" of teaching is constantly taught so that what the student learns in one Dance gets applied in another Dance to speed up the learning process. We encourage our students to take as many group lessons as possible in order to receive the full benefit of our method.  Partners are not required.

Technique Class Lessons:
This is a special group lesson which emphasizes technique in lead-follow, floor craft, music, styling, foot work, balance and adaptation. Although partners are not required, management reserves the right to approve student's attendance.

Workshop Class Lessons:
This is a closed class requiring a non-refundable full registration for an entire session. These classes focus on one dance at a time, and it requires consecutive attendance in order to gain the full benefit of the training. Staff reserves the right to require partners and to dismiss students.

Private Lessons:
These lessons are designed for the more serious student. It is one-on-one with a teacher with focus on technique. Technique encompasses; lead-follow, floor craft, music, styling, foot work, balance and adaptation. Each one of these areas receives personalized training. It is a truly tailor made lesson since each student requires different training. It is extremely important that the student continues with the group lessons to compliment this training.

Semi-Private Lessons:
These lessons are designed to teach the student technique for Lead and Follow. The focus of these lessons is to encompass what has been learned in the group classes and/or private lessons with emphasis on floor craft. It entails two students and a teacher that personalizes training with technique. Touch Dancing does not provide partners but highly encourages students who are serious about their dancing to compliment their training with this type of lesson. Different dance levels are permissible for those students that wish to enhance their social dancing. For Competition or Showcase Management reserves the right to approve different dance levels.

With these lessons, the student has the opportunity to focus on a particular dance of their choice by doing a showcase or dance competition. Students learns the style and character of the dance chosen. At this point, it is extremely important that the student continue the group lessons to compliment this specialized training.

Video Lessons: These lessons are designed for the lazy student who doesn't practice at home. Students can take home a video taped segment of their lesson which they can watch at home on their sofas as mental practice.

Party Dance Class Lessons:
This class can focus on either Smooth, Latin or Disco list of dances and is taught as a group class lesson.

Dance Socials:
These are offered for student's benefits and should be utilized regularly. Different dances are always played. Since Touch Dance emphasizes the learning of "Social Dancing" these parties become extremely important when different partners dance the different Dances with one another as well as with a regular partner. Staff members are not required to dance with students. It is more valuable to practice with another student than with a teacher. Staff members are always available to assist.

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